Brow & Facial Hair Epilator



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Brow & Facial Hair Epilator helps you efficiently remove unsightly moustache & peach fuzz like a pro

Adopting advanced hair threading technology, it removes hair directly from the root & follicle to get flawless, smooth skin. The result is long lasting & salon-grade professional – it lasts up to 4 weeks after every removal with a gentle exfoliating effect to reveal skin glow from within.Unlike waxing, this helps slow regrowth while forcing hair grow thinner in a pain-free, skin-friendly way. With continuous use, it guarantees to achieve permanent hair removalAlso can be used for more precise eyebrow shaping.

Designed to remove hair from fragile & sensitive facial skin areas including cheeks, chin, forehead, upper lip. Even applicable for most body parts like arms, legs, fingers, toes and so on.

Plus it is safe and chemical-free – Protect your skin without using shaving creams or waxes anymore. 

♥️ My skin is sensitive. Is it suitable to use?

Yes, it’s especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin as this is 100% chemical-free without causing any skin irritation. Plus the cotton thread is sturdy enough to removal fine hair but also gentle for skin

♥️ Will it make me re-grow stronger hair / speed up regrowth?

No, instead it stops hair growth gradually by damaging the hair follicles. Hair will start to grow back sparse and finer after repeated hair removal.

♥️ Can I remove hair by combination use of waxing and threading?

Yes, our epilator is able to remove fine hair regardless of hair length/ thickness. Therefore you can frequently use our epilator once you notice newly grown hair. Waxing is hard to remove fine and short hair, plus over waxing usually hurts skin. But waxing can roughly remove hair in a large area. These 2 methods can be used as a combination for high efficiency of hair removal. 


  • Flawless Facial Hair Removal
    Removes hair directly from the root & follicle to get flawless, smooth skin with a gentle exfoliating effect to reveal skin glow from within. Also can be used for more precise eyebrow shaping.

  • Easy to Apply
    No professional skill is required. Engineered with precise spring system – Simply press & release to magically “twist” out excess hair. No more messy cream, wax or shaver is needed.

  • Slow Regrowth
    Unlike waxing, this helps slow regrowth while forcing hair grow thinner in a pain-free, skin-friendly way. With continuous use, it guarantees to achieve permanent hair removal.

  • Long-lasting Result
    The result is long lasting & salon-grade professional – it lasts up to 4 weeks after every removal.

  • Pain-free & Hypoallergic
    Chemical-free without causing any skin irritation. Plus the cotton thread is sturdy enough to removal fine hair but also gentle for skin. 
  • Wide Application
    Applicable for most body parts including cheeks, chin, forehead, upper lip, arms, legs, even fingers and toes.


  • Size: 12 x 3.5cm


  • 1 x Brow & Facial Hair Epilator (1 pack of threads included)


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Brow & Facial Hair Epilator


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